On Camera Women

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Afi Ayanna
Alexandra Matthew
Ali Wilder
Alice Lee
Alicia Dunams
Alicia Mason
Alison Ewing
Alison Aulakh
Alison Quin
Alix Cuadra
Ally Williams
classes Tuesdays and Thursdays
Aly Henry
Alyson de Guigne
Alyson Rutter
Alyssa Kompelien
AT&T Commercial conflict - MPU (21 months) started on 9/17/2015
Amanda Pacheco
Amanda Chiappari
In town 12/17-1/26
Amelia Meier
Ana Bayat
Traveling from July 9-28, and August 5-15.
Anette Marweld
Angela Vereau
Anise Ritchie
Ann Seid
Anna May
Anna Tse
Annalisa Bastiani
Just had a baby boy on 3/3/2016
Annemaria Rajala
Arabella Grayson
Ashley Robbert
Ashley Nash
in LA till March 8th
Ashley Walter
Ayanna Makalani
Bianca Warren
Bonnie Black
Bonnie Jean Shelton
Brenda McNabb
Brett Pels
Bri Bohanan
Brittany Martinez
Bronwyn Chovel
Brooke Fraser
Callan Taylor
Caral Newman
Pregnant with Twins - due April 29, 2017
Carla Martin
Carolyn Fung
Cary Cronholm
Cascius La Fleur
Cassandra Cooke
Cat Thompson
Cathleen Riddley
Cathy Fithian
Celia Shuman
Tattoos-arms and back
Chandler Leighton
BOOKED A TV SHOW STARTING 8/13 for possible 40 days check with her
Chanel Celaya
Chelsea Militano
Cheryl Lee Thorup
Christa Martin
N/A for On Camera until 6/1/2016
Christiane Crawford
Christie James
Christina Marie
ChynnaRose Morgan
Constance Menzies
Corie Knights
Courtney Hatcher
Limited Avail through August 2015 - check chart
Cristina Anselmo
Cynthia Brian
Cynthia Acosta
Cynthia A Coates
Dana Blasingame
Danielle Caldwell
Danielle Thys
Darlene Popovic
Debora Harak
Debra Herland
No Wives with Knives
Dezi Solèy
Diana Weng
Diana Noriega Weng
Diane Amos
Diane Wagner
Dianna Hua Chung
Donna Turner
Dorothy Gallagher
Dorothy Endow
Elba Maria
PREG: DUE 8/2/2017
Eleese Longino
Elissa Beth Stebbins
Elizabeth Seaton
Emmy Zein
Erika Loren Rodriguez
Erika Yanin Perez
Erin Campion
Fannielee Lowe
Felicia Eison
Felicia Stiles
Fontana Butterfield
Fredrika Newton
Gail Gabriel
Gail Whang
Geary Campbell
Gigi Benson
1 hour singing lesson every Thursday from 2-3pm. But these lessons can be changed with a 24 hour notice.
Gina Su
Gloria Stingily
Grace Ingland
Hannah Wong Versola
Hannah Tokuno
Traveling Thursday 12-13 Chicago Monday 15-17 Washington, DC Sunday 22 New York City Monday 23 Boston Tuesday 24-25 Portland OR Thursday 26-27 Seattle
Heather Gold
LONG HAIR- Pregnant due May 14 2018
Helena Martin
Isabella Peregrina
Pregnant due 10/29/17
Isabella Rivera
Isabella Khoury
Isabelle Ellingson
Braces - off Feb 2017
Jacki Adams
Jana Molder
Jane Stone
Janelle Marie
Janice Rumschlag
PREGNANT: Due September 7th 2016
Jasmine Coussinat
Jazmyn Washington
Jazz .
JD Trow
Jeannie Kelsey
Jenn Tripp
Jennifer Beaty
Do not submit for Print
Jennifer Linkous
Jennifer Ann Lee
Jessica Etheridge
Jessica Watson
Jessica Lynn Carroll
Jill Ragan
Jillian Davis
Joanna Cretella
Josephine Zeitlin
Joyce Blythe
Jude Vargas
Judy herrmann
Julia Seidelin
Julie Roll
Julie Ann Lowery
Julissa Aguirre
Kaitlyn Dias
Check before submitting- heavy class load
Kaitlyn Ann
Karen Kahn
Karen Lott
Kari Wishingrad
Karina Cornelio
Kate Scott
Katharine Turner
In LA - Will come up for $1000 or more
Katherine Roberts
Katherine Harwood
Kathleen Park
Kathryn Keats
Kathy Garver
Kathy Tong
Not Available Mid January 2018 to April-she will keep us posted
Katrina Sperry
Kelly Pisarri
Kelly Richardson
Kiana Monique
Conflict: Mobile Devices 9/20/15-6/20/17
Kiara Rodriguez
Killian Stephens
Kim Nelson
Kris Leifur
Kristen Sze
Kristy Campbell
Conflict: Mobile Devices 9/20/15-6/20/17
Krysta Rodriguez
Kumi Yoshida
Kylee Lin
Lacey Escabar
Lache Kamani
Laura Vargas
Moving to Arizona end of 2017
Laura Madden
Laurellee Westaway
Lauren Howard
Lauren Sacks
Lauren Mayhew
Laurie Cozart
Leah Diamond
Leah Russo
Leila Radan
No Worlds Astonishing News
Lexie Papedo
Li Chien
Lila Shamroukh
Linda Fischer
Linda Vito
Lindsay Fishkin
Lindy Kwock
Lisa Eddy
Lisa Lindsley
Liz Marks
Lizzie O Hara
Lollie Ortiz
Lucy Garcia Robles
Lynn Williams
Maddie Eisler
AT&T Commercial conflict - MPU (21 months) started on 9/17/2015
Maria Guarducci
Mondays Tuesdays and Wednesdays unavailable - doing an Internship
Marianne Shine
Marie Shell
Marilyn Hughes
Maris Berkowitz
Marjean Holden
Mary Moore
Mary Feeley
Mary Mackey
Mary Ann Moss
Mary Elizabeth Cobb
UCSF Commercial Conflict - local SF hospitals (5 years), start 3/3/2015
Mary Jean St Claire
Mary Noel Pepys
Maureen Langan
Maureen O Donoghue
Mawiyah Johnson
May Charters
Maya Tucker
Mayra Swatt
Meagan Cunningham
Megan Rose McCarthy
OC min $1000 +20%, Print min $1200
Melanie Waters
Melinda Bach
Melissa Quine
Melissa Herland
minimum is $800
Melissa Thompson Esaia
Melissa Thom
In school every Friday from September through December.
Melissa Locsin
Melissa Cassera
PREG: DUE 12/12/2016
Meliza Mokrani
Melody Shere a
Mia Perez
only submit on commercials and more high profile projects: film, tv
Michelle Kiyono
Michelle Roberts
out until end of June 2017
Mina Kurata
Miranda Chook
Miranda Dos Santos
Miranda Abrams
Mitsi Okamoto
Molly Viebrock
Molly Brady
No Worlds Astonishing News
Monique Hafen
TIGHT CLASS SCHEDULE- check before submitting
Morgan Mahlock
Nan Ayers
Naseem Badie
Natalie Miller
Moving to NYC for college
Natalie Shinnick
Natasha Noel
Natasha Blass
Booked Out Indefinite
Neeru Sehgal
Nicole Daryanani
Noemi Zeigler Sanchez
Olga Puchkova
Olta Desiderio
Oshalla Dee
Paige Matthiesen
Pamela Coan
Pascale Roger McKeever
Peggy Van Patten
Phoebe Moyer
Praise Santos
Quyen Ngo
Rachael Adler
Rashida Clendening
Rashmi Rustagi
Rebecca Martin
Rebecca Alice White
Regan Rohde
Regina Morones
Reyna Rodriguez
Ria Pullin
Richelle de Vera
Roberta Kennedy
Rosemary Griggs
Samantha Hutton
Santoya Fields
NO ULBs or Worlds Astonishing
Sara Plummer
Sara Hauter
Sarah Sankowich
Seema Lazar
Shannon Lujan
Sharon Eisenhauer
Shawn Cady Spelman
Shay Fernandez
Sheila Dobee
Sheilah Morrison
Shelene Atanacio
Sheri Montgomery
Shoyi Cheng
Signy Coleman
Siobhan Marie Doherty
Spencer Melville
Stacey Plaskett
LA - Bay Area minimum, without travel covered, $1000
Stephanie Duchaine
Bookout Sept. 16-26th and Oct 4-14th.
Stephanie Dorr
Stephanie Lacey
Stephanie St. James
Stephanie Renee Maysonave
Susan Soriano
Sydney Schwindt
Tanya Chalich
Tara Ciabattoni
Tatianna Roberts
Tayler Wiles
Terri Lyn Steele
Tiffany Chen
Tina Marie Murray
Toni Kafton
Toni Marie Young
Tonya Powell
Torrey Terrell
Toyin Moses
Tracy Wang
Tricia Hua
Tristan Cunningham
Val Garrahan
Valerie Weak
Veronica Castro
Veronica King
Victoria Ma
Victoria Rodriguez
Victoria Vann Kuja
Vonya Morris
Yue Xu
Zoe Galvez
Microsoft Commercial Exclusivity:
Zoe Somers

Skill Level:
Languages and Accents
Music, Dance and Acting
Combat Training
Miscellaneous Skills and Attributes

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