Roya Manshouri

Division : Influencers
Roya is an energetic and outgoing Californian who has many creative hobbies that have shaped her into the dynamic person she is today. On her social platform, she shows aspects of her everyday life - not only as a University student pursuing nursing, but also as a model. In addition to documenting her journey in the modeling industry and her love for fashion, she also shows her followers the importance of being active. Roya is an advocate for healthy living and the benefits of the outdoors. She can be found out in nature whether it's by the coast in Point Reyes or hiking the rolling hills of Marin Headlands. She is heavily involved in her community, often volunteering with organizations such as Girl Scouts of America and Miss California. Roya strives to put out content that portrays her true authentic self. It is her goal to be a positive role model for all ages!