Alysha Byrd

Division : Influencers
Alysha Byrd is a fashion model and freelance writer with a passion for the gaming industry. While attending CSUN, she was introduced to the world of video game journalism and began writing video game reviews and developing podcasts for her university's newspaper and website. At the same time, she pursued a career in modeling, working with brands such as Athleta, Old Navy, and Levis. When she isn't on set or gaming, she is learning new pescatarian recipes and trying new exercise programs, such as barre. The forced downtime this pandemic has caused allowed Alysha to explore her passions and aims to show young women that they don't have to pick just one thing to pursue if the drive and desire are there. She strives to show a work/lifestyle balance on her social media platforms, leading a life full of pursuits that are fun and challenging while emphasizing overall health. She will be adding an entirely new challenge to the mix as she is expecting her first child in summer 2021, so stay tuned!