Laura Madden

Division : Influencers
Laura Madden is an advocate for fashion, art, and sustainability through her work as an influencer, stylist, model, and artist. When it comes to the environment and social justice, Laura is all about sharing the truth in the most empowering and uplifting way, adding style and humor whenever possible, and sharing what is authentic to her. Her favorite topics for content are sustainable fashion and styling tips, her art, creating a sustainable and stylish lifestyle, and her two rescue dogs. She is a consistent contributor to her Instagram LIVE series, such as ReFashionTALK LIVE, her blog ReFashion Report, lifestyle publications, social media, and live events. Laura is a global ambassador for nonprofit Remake, and serves on the boards of Remake, the Arizona Costume Institute, and San Francisco Fashion Community Week. She is the founder of ReFashioned Art, her brand of upcycled art, through which she encourages people to look for beauty where it is not normally found.