Samantha Wolov

Division : Stars artists
Artist type : Photographer
Having been 5'10 since the age of twelve, Sam had a fair bit of time to get used to the idea of not quite fitting in. She apparently has a distinctive face people always seem to recognize. Sam was never going to be able to hide or blend in with a crowd, so out of necessity, she just ran with it. She finds that instinct has carried itself over to her photography today. Her work doesn't easily lend itself to distinct categories, and Sam does not produce straightforward images. Each picture is an amalgamation of the elements of fashion, beauty, portraiture, and design that is so patently the extension of her Art History degree rather than a traditional photography background. To this day, Sam maintains that she taught herself how to make an image from painters and painting, rather than other photographers. Paintings suggest a sensory experience. Paintings ask for contemplation. Paintings allow for contradictions. In this way, she identifies as a painter who happens to use a camera. She makes no attempt to define what is fashionable or who is beautiful, but to help dismantle the notion that fashion and beauty are definable qualities in the first place. Fashion and beauty are impermanent, amorphous, and subjective. Sam is interested in character, and in narrative; the woman wearing the fantastic lipstick rather than the lipstick itself. She is interested in the sizzle, not the steak, the periphery, the it factor, the second glance. The ones who don't fit in, but look amazing doing it. CLIENTS: 7x7, BUST, Cosmopolitan (German), Crowdstar Software, Culture, Essence, HUF, InStyle, LadyGUNN, Naeem Khan, The O Group, Planned Parenthood of America, San Francisco Magazine, Superior, XOXO The Mag.