• Height: 5 ft 5 in (65 in)
  • Bust : 34 in.
  • Waist : 30 in.
  • Hip : 38 in.
  • Dress : 6
  • Shoe : 8.5
  • Hair : salt and pepper
  • Eyes : blue

Kari Wishingrad Stars Management



  • I, Detective 4 Episodes Court TV Cable/Michael Hoff Productions
  • Witch Hunters Bible NWoman on trialNat’l Geo Channel/Bob Wise/Hoff Prod.
  • World Astonishing News 3 Episodes Nippon TV, Japan
  • I Almost Got Away With It3 EpisodesInvestigation Discovery Channel, Indigo Films
  • Undercover History: The Unabomber FBINat’l Geo Channel/Noel Dockstader/Winton duPont Films
  • Vampire Secrets, Bathory segment MaidHistory Channel/Diana Zaslaw/Indigo Films
  • Confessions of Alien Abduction Mother of abducted GirlWomen’s Ent./Jon Taylor/Indigo Films


  • Angry Secretary SecretaryThe B-PAD Group, Inc.
  • The Performance Review ManagerThe B-PAD Group, Inc.
  • Mastering Microbiology - training and learning videoStudent B Pearson Education/Benjamin Cummings
  • Cisco Systems IT Showcases TechnologyLead: BeckyPaul Wood
  • Cisco Systems Preventing Information Leaks InvestigatorPaul Wood
  • Cisco Global Technical Center Vision VideoSpokeswomanVal Valcazar/Creative Video Services
  • Cisco-Optimize Team Performance SpokeswomanDan Pavlick
  • Tyson Foods-"The Job Campaign Manager"MotherNadeau Productions
  • Genesy'sHip GrandmaTencue Productions
  • Partial list below:********


  • Stock Footagegardner,cumputer programmer, variousPhilip Kaake
  • Krames CommunicationNurse in Brochuren/a
  • Stock FootageBusiness PersonJohn Lund Photography
  • Backroads Travel 2006 catalog and website. On cover of the Hiking and Walking CatalogHikerBob Houser
  • VISA NFL PromotionFootball FanToby Burditt
  • Life Style Shotsvarious charactersAmyn Nasser
  • MicrosoftLife style/business womanMaggie Hallahan
  • Life Stylevarious charactersBrad Plummer
  • Stock Footagevarious charactersJoSon


  • Clowning/Psycho Drama/Playback Theaterstudent/performerJonathan Fox, Armand Volkas
  • ImprovisationstudentBATS Summer Camp & Foundation 2, Corey Fischer, Sue Walden & Co., Lance Brady
  • Voice Over studentVoice One, Radio Magic, Jay Ginsberg
  • Acting (partial list)Rob Nilsson, Jim Jarrett (Meisner) Linda Lowry, Kirk Baltz (LA), Amy Mueller
  • Film Technique studentCaryn West (LA), Actorsite (LA), Full Circle Productions w/Joie Seldon
  • TV & Commercial Actingstudent Deb Fink, Gregg Cohen, Nancy Hayes, SF Acting Academy, Ed Hooks, Jean Shelton’s Lab


  • The Pajama GameAnn, DancerGary Wright, Altarena Playhouse
  • Tokens: A Play on the Plague EnsembleRobert Ernst, Theatre Artaud
  • Fiddler on the RoofTzeitalRhoda Plymack, Masquers Playhouse
  • Shaking the TreeOriginal Solo Amy Mueller, Brava! for Women in the Arts
  • Children’s Theater LeadClaire the Loon, Bay Area Schools
  • Playback Theater Company EnsembleArmond Volkas, Living Arts Theater Lab
  • Re: Place EnsembleRachel Kaplan, ZEUM Art Center Opening
  • How to be a Secret Agent Girl Principal Cathleen Daly, Blue Dakini Prod. (winner Best of Fringe, Best Female Ensemble ’01) @ Exit Theater
  • After All, Part 1 EnsembleErica Schuch, Yerba Buena Forum
  • Patial List********


  • Audio Book Seek by Paul FleischmanRobert's MotherPeter Crimmons, Ben Manilla Prod.for Random House, Inc.(Newbery Award winner)
  • Cisco and Veritas Module Training Narrator for in house training - did various spots over many yearsA.S.K. Learning, SF
  • Symantec Module Training Narrator for in house training A.S.K. Learning, SF
  • Adopted by Aliens (Animation) Various Characters Reel Republic,Gibb Sisters-Peters Prod.
  • Training on the Internet Spokes Person Pierre Khawand, People-on the Go
  • SUN (Video Game) Narrator/Monster WebZen, Inc.
  • Everything Obsolete (Animation) Supporting/Typewriter Jesse Ford, Group Hug Prod. for PBS
  • Quick Health Radio Spot Lead/MonicaJay Ginsberg/KZST Santa Rosa
  • Kaiser Permanente Radio Holiday Spot Lead/Stephanie Jay Ginsberg/KZST Santa Rosa
  • Quick Kaiser Permanente Radio Spot Lead/Stephanie Jay Ginsberg/KZST Santa Rosa
  • Teletrac/Ryder Truck Narrator/GPS Training Panastream, LLC, San Francicso
  • McCoy Plaza Narrator for Video Panastream, LLC, San Francicso
  • The Shroud (Book) Narrator for on line chapters Steve Melone
  • Mayor ElectionNarrator for Radio SpotCreative Video Services
  • Delancy St. Foundation Christmas TreeNarrator for Radio Spots (2)Beyond Pix Studios
  • Los Gatos School DistrictNarrator Creative Video Services
  • GAMXING HIPAACharacter Voices for AnimationJon Macht
  • Partial List********


  • Meri West Credit UnionBankerTam Communications
  • Allstate Insurance Basketball FanLeo Burnett USA, Inc.
  • 800 Credit Card Debt (National) WifeAnother TV Discovery
  • PartialListask for conflicts
  • Ghiloti's TruckSaloon GalRon Schilling
  • Chevrolet PlatinumMiner's WifeBrian Leach Productions
  • No. Calif. Bowling CentersBowlerComcast/Spotlight Productions
  • Peel-A-Tray MotherSway Productions
  • Denio'sShopperKCRA Creative


  • Sand Casino WaitressRon Nilsson/Citizen Cinema
  • Fell MotherChristopher Rusin
  • Not Fade Away Chardonney Gal Susan & Wayne Boyer/Twin Brain Prod.
  • The Curious Case of the Murder that Wasn'tJessica FletcherJason Morris
  • Hell House TheodoraJason Morris/Digital Shadow Films
  • Nominated BartenderDan Pavlik
  • Generation Now SupportingSanelle Sibanda/The Culture Prod.
  • A River of Skulls Mama Rita Suza Lambert Bowser/Sheep Ranch Prod.
  • Vox PopuliSupportingSky Tallone
  • Kitty LitterLeadGreg Blatman
  • August BloomSupportingWinston Marcelle
  • AlarmedSupportingMatt Lofgren
  • Neon Sky Aunt MargieJennifer Juelich/Neon Sky Productions
  • El CaminoSupportingAlexander Lee
  • Northern LightsSupportingJennifer Juelich


  • DialectsBritish, Cockney, French, Irish, NYC/Brooklyn, Southern
  • NationalityRussian, Ukrainian
  • DanceBallet, Ballroom, Belly, Club/freestyle, Disco, Jazz, Line, Modern, Polka, Square, Swing, Waltz
  • SingingCountry, Folk, Musical Theater
  • CircusClown, Juggler, Mime
  • Horse RidingGeneral Riding, Western
  • MiscellaneousChef, Crochet, Ear Prompter, Hosting, Knit, Masseuse, Pilates, Puppetry, Singer, Stand-in Exp., Teleprompter, Whistler, Yoga, Yo-yo
  • General SportsAerobics, Boating, Bowling, Canoeing, Croquet, Fishing, Hiking, Ice Skate, Jogging, Jump Rope, Kayaker, Ping Pong, Rappelling, Rock Climber, Roller Skate, Running, Snorkeler, Trampoline, Weight Lifter
  • SwimmingBreast Stroke, Freestyle, General Swim., Back Stroke

Other skills

Dialects and Accents: NY Jewish, Southern, English, Irish, Russian, Character voices, Conversational French Improvisation, Comedic sensibility, singer (alto), Knit/Crochet, Yoga, Bowling, Biking, Dancing, Gardening, Hiking, Swimming, Snorkeling, Hospice Patient Care, Times Square New Years Eve Confetti Disperser, great rapport with kids and animals, Ear wiggler. Current valid Passport and driver’s license.