• Height: [object Object]
  • Waist : 28 in.
  • Inseam : 30 in.
  • Neck : 15 in.
  • Shoe : 8.5
  • Hair : brown
  • Eyes : brown
Caelan Scrivener Stars Management SAGe


  • IBM national Commercial -RailroadBicycle boyPark Pictures LA
  • Glacier MediaPaper boyRon Small/ Alicanto Marketing


  • Don't Shoot, I'm the Guitar ManSupportRocky Capella/Prodigy Entertainment Motion Pictures
  • Point 453LeadEthan Paisley/ take 18 Entertainment
  • Water (filming)FeaturedJohn luksetich/Dreyluca Productions
  • The Wizard (filming)FeaturedAlex Ranarivelo/ESX productions
  • Northern Light (post production)SupportJennifer Juelich/Neno Sky films
  • GibbyFeaturedPhil Gorn/Half Moon Films
  • MisdirectLeadDexter Marsh-Taylor/Fallen Angel Films
  • Sux2bmeSupportTodd Lyon/Half Moon Films
  • Slight DisgustLeadPete Paduano/Blk Block Company


  • Nevada Arts MuseumArts StudentIntegrity Casting
  • Dick's Sporting Goods Catalog 2015Young HikerIntegrity Casting
  • L.S. Language School Catalog 2015StudentModels Inc


  • Mr. Student Body PresidentRory / supportJack Ferry/Ryan Hunter
  • Blood RelativesJunior TormasiDavid Cargill


  • Janice Jay DavisVoice Over CharacterizationReno, NV
  • Sarah KlibanAudition for FilmSF, CA
  • Wendy FaraoneComedy Pilot WorkshopLA, CA
  • Jo McGinleyOn Camera AuditionLA, CA


  • InstrumentsDrums, Trumpet
  • General SportsArchery, Badminton, Hiking, Jogging, Kayaker, Mtn. Climbing, Pilot A Plane, Razor Scooter, Rock Climber, Roller Skate, Running, Snow Ski, Squash
  • CyclingBmx, Cycling, Gen., Mtn Biking, Road Biking
  • General WeaponsAutomatic Wpn, Handgun, Long Bow, Rifle